Harvesting the rice in northern Vietnam,  September 2017



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 5 October 2017

Posted as part of  Cee’s B&W Challenge.
Shot on a Tim Mannakee Photography Workshop

36 thoughts on “Harvest

  1. Love the texture in your capture, and the positions of the women are perfect! My two cents – everyone has to find his/her own way with the water mark question. Don’t let it hold you back. How many participated in this photo workshop?


    1. And suggestions are always welcome, but some people find it hard to make comments in a kind way!

      Glad you like it Jesh – women of all ages work so hard out in the rice paddies and I was delighted to capture it with some real character.

      There were 12 of us on the workshop, plus the leader, his assistant and 2 local photographers/guides. A great bunch of people and a lovely country.



  2. The old-fashioned way of rice harvesting that is prob centuries old! Our daughter-in-law who grew up in the heartland of Arkansas rice country used to drive the big harvester combines. She knows a good rice field when she sees it. Imagine these Vietnamese harvesters do, too.

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      1. When I started putting my photos online I was advised by a photographer to put my name on them. She had many a problem with images used without acknowledgement, sometimes for commercial gain by unscrupulous people. I try to do so without mangling the image

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