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Slow and exposed walk along the Thames

A November Sunday in London brought a wind that crept up surreptitiously to freeze anything it could gain contact with.  But it was partnered with perfect light and a cloudy sky that showed off the City at its best.


Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral,  London,  November 2017

I went for a short walk looping around on the south and north banks of the Thames, between Blackfriars and Tower Bridge.  The morning was dedicated to long exposure photography, which takes time as the name suggests, so my step count was low but the views were tremendous.


…over to the north for a view of the Shard…


…and a peep through the greenery…


…look to your left and there’s Tower Bridge…


…cross back to the south for another view of Tower Bridge…

By now my toes were numb and I was trying to position me and my tripod behind any available shelter.


…and closer still…

Time to head for some indoor warmth – but the walk was definitely worth the risk of frost bite.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 13 November 2017

Posted as part of Monday Walks

The walk was part of an advanced photography course with wonderful Annie at Learn Digital Photo.

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  1. Ah, the joys of photography when the fingers (and nose) are freezing! Love the slow motion photos Debbie, I have tried this but come to realise that you have to have a ND filter for it to work. Still, you have inspired me to give it another try.


    • To get really long exposures you’re right, you do need an ND filter. Worth getting a 10 stop filter for whatever camera/lens you would use for a landscape shot. Don’t buy one of the variable level filters – in theory they allow you to vary the number of ND stops but any I have tried just leave lines on your images.
      However, even without a filter, you could go fairly long exposure on a day like today – it is so grey anyway that the weather combined with your lowest ISO and a small aperture will give you some fun. And night light is good too of course.
      Thick gloves are probably more important than ND!!
      Happy experimenting Jude!


  2. You take so many remarkable shots but these are truly remarkable – my home ground and yet I never capture it like this – please reveal your camera settings


  3. They’re really beautiful images, Debbie – did you use an ND filter at all, or just a slow shutter speed on a dull day? I’ve never really got the hand of long exposures, but you’ve inspired me to try again! 🙂

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