Elegance portrayed below home of the sagacious

Alongside Biblioteca Marciana,  St Mark’s Square,  Venice,  November 2017

This great Renaissance building dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century.  The library is home to a vast array of ancient manuscripts, plus over a million printed books. The reading rooms are located on the first floor but the entrances below have grand statues at their doorways and inside their lobbies.




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 30 November 2017

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13 thoughts on “Elegance portrayed below home of the sagacious

    1. Thanks Jo. But you’re right, we need to save ourselves for future photos!!
      I only spent 2 morning there trying to catch the perfect light. But Im also good at supporting my photographic exertions with coffee and cake 😃

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    1. No. It was just a long weekend but I’ve been inundated with work and a virus since I got back. And a full hard drive. Will hopefully be back to normal blogging next week ( a new hard drive arrived this evening)

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