Venetian serenity

Venice is a hectic place, full of busy locals and jostling tourists all manoeuvring their way down the narrow alleys.  But get up early, and the light and serenity are out  there, just waiting for you.

06:30 in February 2017
07:30 November 2017




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 29 November 2017


16 thoughts on “Venetian serenity

  1. I love the second photo but I think Venice itself is a Marmite place – you either like it or hate it, and I wasn’t impressed at all when I went there. And yes, it did stink! We went out to the islands and I loved Burano, the coloured houses set along the smaller canals are very photogenic. I would go to Venice again but only to revisit Burano.


    1. And I only took about 20 of them!

      Had my filters with me so I could do a long exposure which helped. And I’ve just been on a course that covered long exposure and flash.

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