17 thoughts on “Wintry Reflection

  1. as the others noted – that reflection is outstanding – but then the tree at the end of the path – and the fence to the right and pop of yellow – snowy embankments – ahhhh – and people walking – feeling Vincent van Gogh would maybe paint this scene – 🙂

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      1. Our traditional Christmas pud is a very rich fruity and alcoholic pudding (preferable made a few years previously), with brandy custard. I love it but I don’t often manage to fit it in after a large lunch


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    1. We got away quite lightly in the Midlands, and I’m back home now where there is not a snowflake in sight 😦
      No plans for New Year – I’ve decided to enjoy the tv view this year! But if it’s good weather on Monday I’ll be off somewhere with my camera!


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