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  1. I posted an Amsterdam bike parking lot also! I couldn’t believe the number of bikes. I suppose to find your own is the same as trying to find your car in a full parking lot, although I don’t think that bicycles (yet!) make “beep beep” sounds when you press the remote! (lol) But think of how many more bikes can fit into a parking lot – the Dutch don’t have to waste so much space on parking lots as we do in the U.S. !


  2. Love those bikes in Arles, Debs! Having successfully found my Fairfield images, I’m on a hunt to find my Arles images, the very few there are…..


  3. Excellent. The latter had to be Amsterdam. There is a parking lot near the Station. 10? 20, 000 bikes? Don’t know. How do you find your bike?
    Reminded me of Montand’s song: A bicyclette…


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