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Sitting on a bench


Pauliine, Leelo and Hämar by EvL,  Brussels,  July 2018

These three women on a bench are characters brought to us as part of Estonia’s project to introduce themselves around the world, as part of their centenary celebrations.

Street artist Edward von Lõngus, aka EvL, is bringing his augmented reality artworks to cities around the world, including Rome, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Brussels, Budapest, Vilnius and London.  This project, known as (R)estart Reality, has a an App that you can download – look at the street art through the App and it will come to life.  Better out on the street, but it will work on my image, so have fun.

Pauliine, Leelo and Hämar are inspired by a 1912 photo by Johannes Pääsuke. Pop over here to see that photo and read a story to go with EvL’s modernised version.

For another of EvL’s works in London, click here.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 July 2018

Posted as part of Cee’s B&W Challenge

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