11 thoughts on “School life

  1. When I was teaching in secondary here I worked with a teacher originally from Zimbabwe. We had a few Zimbabwean children in the school and he would mentor them. He was very frustrated at their poor attitude to learning as he said that education in Zim was the most important thing in a child’s life and families would do anything (they often have to pay) to send their child to school, often having to walk, sometimes barefoot. Teachers there were respected. Teachers here are ridiculed and not just by students. It makes me sad that there is such a wide gap still and that schools still exist in this condition. Sorry for the rant.


    1. I sympathise, it is very sad. and extremely frustrating They have to pay in Tanzania too, and education is only mandatory for 1-2 years. But families strive to get their children there. Sadly, it is sometimes different for girls due to childhood marriage, caring for parents and availability/cost of sanitary protection.


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  2. Might be very basic to say the least compared to European standards…. but I doubt many of our UK schools would line up, in uniform in such a disciplined good natured manner. That discipline must help them learn.


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