Chinatown doorways



Dansey Place, London, September 2018




Thanks go to Tom Chaplin at Master The Light who runs a variety of photo walks and workshops in and around London. These are from his High ISO Portrait walk.


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 6 September 2018

Posted as part of Norm’s Doors

6 thoughts on “Chinatown doorways

  1. Thank you for sharing your photo shoot with us. It was interesting to check out your photos and the comments. I also commend you for stepping out of your comfort zone and giving portraiture a go. The results are great and I particularly like the strong shadow in the last photo.
    Best wishes,


  2. Nice natural looking shots despite the challenging shooting conditions. Can I ask what ISO you shot at? The images seem so sharp with no noticeable noise.
    One thing I’ve never been too sure of in dark conditions is white balance. I mean, how do you choose the temperature of your light source when there’s really no light source? I usually shoot RAW at Daylight WB and then adjust it by eye in post, but is there a rule of thumb that you use?

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    1. I’m often hear ISO 1600 quote ed as highest you should go but on some of the great modern cameras you can go higher. On my Sony I go a lot higher without my ch rescuing being needed. ISO on this shoot varied a lot. He firs 2 we’re in a dark alley with not much light on her face. The last one was in harsh light from surrounding street lights. I’ll confirm values later (on a train at the moment!)
      As for white balance, I always use Auto!! My Sony judges far better than I could. I shoot raw and modify tones in Lightroom if I need to.
      The workshop was about finding lights, positioning her to make the most of them. Teaching is to think, basically.
      I have more shots to share, this was a quick pick of those that contained doors!!


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