Susurration of honesty

St John’s gardens, Edinburgh, October 2018

Susurration is today’s word of the day from Oxford dictionaries. It means whispering or rustling and fits perfectly with the gentle fluttering of the honesty in this Edinburgh garden and graveyard.





Copyright Debbie Smyth, 12 October 2018

Part of All Seasons



8 thoughts on “Susurration of honesty

  1. Am glad on your side is susurration, because we just got a call that they might cut off the electricity because of the strong winds (when a power line falls down it will cause a fire in this weather – very costly for the electrical co.). Beautiful images, Debbie – love the shine and the transparency – thanks so much for sharing with All Seasons!


  2. I got to know the word susurration in one of Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels (the first one in the Tiffany Aching series) – Tiffany pages through a dictionary and she finds the word and applies it when she goes down to the river, feeling quite proud of herself for being able to recognise it. The events that follow, however, are not NICE. Love your photo to with it.


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