Wine, bear baiting and duels

Berry Bros. & Rudd is Britain’s oldest wine and spirit merchant, having traded from the same shop at No.3 St James’s Street since 1698, and now also has offices in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.


This alleyway leads down the side of their shop into a quaint and secluded courtyard.


It is the smallest square in Britain but it is big on beauty and history.  Its traditional gaslights and Georgian architecture add to the appeal of this spot and its peaceful nature now, makes it hard to imagine its 18th century days when it was known for its gambling dens, bear baiting and duels. It is said that Beau Brummell once fought here, plus, it was the last place in London where a duel was fought.




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 14 October 2018

Posted as part of My Sunday Photo

8 thoughts on “Wine, bear baiting and duels

  1. I can’t help but smile when I see the name Beau Brummell. I didn’t know about this Englishman and his reputation when I first heard about his South African counterpart. He is the South African foremost nudist and in the SA of the 1980s was often used in sleezy references (possibly undeserved). Unfortunately, he has also become a racist. His nudist – non-racist – venture in the 90s went bankrupt, so now it is “whites only” (I only found out now, wiped the smile right off my face). Coming back to your photo – it is so full of atmosphere, so evocative!

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