Xiguan tradition in Guangzhou


Enning Road is the ideal place to wander if you fancy stepping back a century, and soaking up the feel of the culture of the Xiguan people. Traditional style shops sit beneath well-preserved arcades, and the doors to the old houses here are worth a close inspection.

Enning Road,  Guangzhou,  November 2018

The reduced-height outer doors fold back saloon-style to reveal rounded horizontal bars, that can provide security whilst allowing air to circulate.


The bars are actually a well-constructed sliding door.


Also, look out for the traditional grey brick houses with stained glass, that first appeared in the late Qing dynasty. The union between the style of traditional Manchurian paper windows and the coloured glass that was introduced to the area by westerners, has resulted in elegant windows and doors.







Copyright Debbie Smyth, 29 November 2018

Posted as part of Norm’s Doors

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