Remember to talk

“Remember to talk” by Hayley Welsh, East Croydon, January 2019

This cuddly but sad-looking creature is busy sending notes to another sad creature at the far end of a long chain.

It is the work of Hayley Welsh, a highly respected British street artist, from Blackburn.  Her street art is known for its surreal, fluffy, wide-eyed creatures, often with darker undertones.


This mural adorns a wall alongside the East Croydon railway station, as I spotted when standing there to change trains.  It was created as part of the 2018 Croydon Rise Festival, which brought the town a huge range of work from many well-known street artists.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 28 January 2019

Enjoying street art has become a regular event on my travels around the world: more of my findings can be seen here
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14 thoughts on “Remember to talk

  1. The mechanism for sending messages is so beautifully integrated into the look of the building — and the creature! So cute!

    best… mae at


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