Where do you think we are?

f2.8, 24mm

When something stubborn gets in the way of you and your camera, as with this greenery, there are a few options. Move it; move yourself; incorporate it.

With this large object, I took a liking to it and decided to play for a while. With a shallow depth of field and focus on the object rather than the structure behind, I was able to incorporate it as a key part of the image.

f2.8, 70mm


Focus point, distance and aperture are key tools in this arty come abstract come adventurous image making. It demonstrates how much control we have as a photographer: our own eyes wouldn’t see the scene in this way, as our eyes and brain flit around assessing the whole setting,  re-focusing as necessary. With our camera we are able to design the image to how the viewer what we want them to see.

Coming back out to a wider angle shot, I’ll leave you to think about what and where this is.

f3.2, 24mm

I’ll answer that question and show you some more “normal” views over the weekend.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 February 2019

Posted as part of Photo a Week

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