Don Quixote, or his twin?

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza,  Brussels,  February 2019

Do these 2 look very familiar? Twinned with another couple I showed you recently?

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza,  Madrid,  October 2018

Spanish sculptor,  Lorenzo Coullaut Valera (1876 – 1932), created the statue that stands in the Plaza de Espana in Madrid.  He won a competition for this Madrid monument in 1915, and it was finally inaugurated in 1929.

The statue in Brussels is a copy of this bronze duo, and yet another copy can be seen in San Sebastian.

Riding off in Brussels, February 2019




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 17 February 2019

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12 thoughts on “Don Quixote, or his twin?

  1. Love your shot taken from their back – like they’re riding off in the sunset! But since I don’t know how their front looks like, I hold my decision in which I like best:) Many thanks, in sharing this interesting duo with All Seasons!
    PS. Was thinking if you can tell your last photography course has made the difference in what angles, etc. to take a shot of the subject?

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    1. The front of those two is the first shot in the post. The trouble with these two (the Brussels pair) is that they are on a tall column and getting a good shot from front is difficult. The back works better because you can go up some steps out of the square, but the light was a challenge when I was there.
      As for learning, I now have a lot of photography friends and go along to regular meetings and photo walks. Lots of practice, chatting to people and sharing our work on blogs gives new ideas. And I’m setting myself a list of things to focus on each month.


      1. Was thinking the same, seeing your first capture, Icould see on the horse that you were directing your camera upwards.
        Awesome you can share your work with friends – their input is so valuable! You must have lots of energy to focus on a to-do list:)

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  2. Wow – nice find with the copies – and I like that closing photo – the riding off… shows us the view and reminds me of what it might be like in person to be under that sculpture


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