Portraits on the walls

Street art makes a huge impact in cities, and smaller locations, around the globe.  Sometimes purely artistic, sometimes there to pass on a serious message; sometimes black and white, sometimes multi-coloured; sometimes subtle, sometimes in your face.

Here is a selection of monochrome murals:

Coney Island, New York, February 2017

And here are some coloured murals converted to black and white:



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 7 March 2019

Posted as part of Cee’s B&W: Mural

17 thoughts on “Portraits on the walls

  1. Fabulous collection Debbie. Love the Coney Island one, so well done, and the old couple and Anne Frank.
    Thanks for contributing.


    1. Yes, much of Coney Island was closed for winter when I visited – would love to see it summer and enjoy its murals, rides and food! And the Anne Frank one is a great portrait of her – sits outside the Anne Frank Centre on Rosenthaler Strasse


    1. I love that one too. It’s in the garden of a pub that has hosted much live music, from many popular musicians. Sadly, it also has a tragic history as a police helicopter crashed into the roof the pub about 5 years ago killing and injuring many. So I have mixed feelings every time I pass it.

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