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Claws unfurled

Cat on the attack, Venice Carnival 2019


The character on the left is the owner of the “guide dog for the blonde” that I introduced to you yesterday. Under the costume is talented Daniela Schmid, who always brings a fun and striking costume to Venice Carnival. And the claw-endowed cat is the outer skin of Johann Sobol.






Copyright Debbie Smyth, 9 March 2019

Posted as part of #spikysquares 

travelled with Tim Mannakee Photo Tours


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  1. ooh just look at those claws!!

    What stunning costumes, and what fabulous characters. You must have so much fun Debbie, and to know so many of them personally. Wonderful 😀

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    • The photographer who leads these trips has been going for many years and now knows a vast number of the models, and some of them join us for private photo shoots. It was only my second trip but I now know some of them pretty well too.
      It’s worth gathering the pennies and going on his annual visit to Carnival

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