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Hallowed be the game

The love, and often worship, of football (aka soccer) is something I see on my travels around the world. It is a common topic of discussion as I travel, finding fellow supporters of teams I follow.

I’m not in the worship category, but I always enjoy a good game, and it’s not often that I find myself in a place without an option to watch a match.

Bernabeu Stadium, Madrid, October 2018

The settings vary from big

… to small …

Garfield Park, Arbroath, July 2018

… to bars on street corners …

Stone Town, Zanzibar, January 2018

… or just street corners …

London, September 2018

… to pop-up locations for important matches …

Watching the World Cup in Brussels, June 2018

… peeping through windows …

Tokyo, May 2018

… and out on the streets …

Venice, February 2019

And sometimes the worship manifests itself in stranger forms, blending with local culture and customs.

Costumes for the Manneken Pis, Brussels, June 2018
Caganers in FCB kit, Barcelona, August 2018




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 23 April 2019

Posted as part of Tuesday Photo Challenge

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  1. Loved it! One of the few responses to the challenge that did not involve an actual place of worship. There is a similar passion for F1 race car fans with the constant battles between Mercedes AMG and Ferrari.

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  2. I don’t have it but I have the desire. I’d love to feel a part of the family of passionate fanhood. We had some German friends come here to California. They were actually connected to me, not my partner, but when football came up I was lost and they were siblings of a unique kind. Talking for hours.

    First thing….I’ve got to find a team. One with a lot of heart and, perhaps, an underdog.

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    • Oh yes, I often feel a bit out of detailed conversations but Im still happy to just soak in the atmosphere. Sitting at a match in Madrid I found I was next to a guy who supported the same British team as me, Aston Villa, and was invited into his group of mates who were in Madrid to celebrate a birthday.


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