Heat over the Firth of Forth

View of Queensferry Crossing from Forth Road Bridge, April 2019

I can never resist a trip to North and South Queensferry when I’m in Edinburgh. Walking across the water via the old road bridge gives stunning views, whatever the time of year. But the stunning weather this Easter, gave an unusually blue sky and a very hot walk.

Unbelievable temperature for Easter

And the weather was not the only heat in the air – there was a large fire on the north side of the Forth.

Forth Road Bridge, with Rail Bridge behind, and fire beyond, April 2019


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 28 April 2019

Posted as part of All Seasons

9 thoughts on “Heat over the Firth of Forth

  1. I remember when I lived in England and they would announce the football results and I used to think that Firth of Forth and For Far sounded like amusing places. The bridges look interesting.

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    1. I loved listening to all those names too. The Firth of Forth is a delightful place – the bridges, especially the old Rail Bridge, are striking and the small rocky islands host puffins, gannets and other seabirds.


      1. Puffins! I love those. Maybe I will have to try to plan a trip there . We go to London twice a year to see our son but do not get farther afield than southern England. Maybe we need to branch out 🙂

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