Enchanting Iceland

Iceland, September 2018

Iceland had long been on my travel wish list, and I finally got there last September. My main aim was to see and photograph the horses, and they were more beautiful than I had expected. Needless to say, I also fell in love with the scenery. What an amazing country!

And when the scenery and horses come together, I am in heaven.

It would be on my regular visit list if Iceland wasn’t so expensive – getting there is fine, but food, drink and accommodation aren’t cheap. If any of you fancy a photography trip there, with horses a highlight, I highly recommend Tim Mannakee‘s trips. He has one going in a few weeks and I think there are a couple of spaces left (it clashes with a work trip for me I or probably wouldn’t have been able to resist).




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 19 May 2019

Posted as part of Wit’s End

13 thoughts on “Enchanting Iceland

  1. Oh my, I love horses!!!! I have always wanted to visit Iceland but I had no idea it was land to such majestic horses!!!! Now I want to visit even more! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures! I so hope to visit soon!


  2. Beautiful! I’m excited to explore Iceland myself this summer and these photos make me all the more stoked! The horses are amazing! I used to ride Icelandic horses and it’s my favourite breed! Thank you for sharing your love for Iceland 🙂


  3. Beautiful captures. I have ridden an Icelandic horse. They have a unique gait called the tolt which is a rapid, ground covering , four beat trot. They are lovely little horses.


  4. My husband tells me of his one trip to Iceland (which was really an extented layover). He was very young and probably didn’t appreciate the whole experience but even then he remembers the prices! — Those horses in single file look adorable, and the waterfall in the back just adds that shade of wildness.


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