Over 1700 years since Alban lost his head

Alban was the first recorded British Christian martyr, executed for his beliefs where St Alban’s Cathedral now stands. Records show his beheading to have taken place on 22 June, between 209 and 305.

Every year, the city of St Alban’s remembers this saint with a pilgrimage of people and giant puppets through the town and a recreation of his death outside the Abbey.

The axe descends
The deed is done, and the executioner’s eyes have popped out
His head is displayed




Copyright Debbie Smyth, 22 June 2019

Posted as part of All Seasons

8 thoughts on “Over 1700 years since Alban lost his head

  1. The story of St Alban is new to me! Great display you captured! Wonder how the wings got to stay up 🙂 Yes, big giant eyes! Thank you for sharing this interesting tradition of this martyr with All Seasons! Have a beautiful summer week, Debbie!


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