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“You may be jogging whiles your boots are green”

William Shakespeare – Taming of the Shrew
Gasholder Park, London, July 2019

It’s time for a weekly quotation-inspired image, and I decided to go with Shakespeare this week. I saw someone questioning the meaning of jogging this week, and decided to research its origins. It originated in England in the mid-sixteenth century, when its meaning was closer to leave than to run. It gradually developed into quick movement, and much later, in the 1960s, it developed its current meaning of gentle running exercise in the US and Australia, and is now both a much-used word and much-performed activity.

If the quote inspires a pictorial or wordy post from you, do feel free to link in or to pop your URL in the comments.


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  4 September 2019

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  1. Did he really say that?….. OK he wrote the lines, just one of many obscure quotes which translate into todays strange world. Well spotted and thanks for having such a nimble mind to make the connection. Now I have to ‘jog on’ …… no I am not going jogging 🙂


    • I thought of it as a modern word, so loved the fact that it was used by Shakespeare.
      And I love this mirrored setting. They have kept the frame of one of the gas holders to hold a garden, right at the side of the canal.

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