High on my favourites list

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

This book tells a gripping story of several generations of a Korean family, starting in 1883. It is a great read and covers many aspects of Korean and Japanese history and culture, and issues associated with emigration / immigration. Apple have bought the rights for a tv version, but it will be hard to be as good as the book.

The novel was published in 2017, and was on display in every bookshop I visited on my trip to South Korea in early 2018.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 April 2020

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8 thoughts on “High on my favourites list

  1. Sounds like a great book and hope the movie comes out well (even though you are right / likely won’t be as good as book – hard to beat the book/)
    And we just watched “parasite” – I believe it was Korean and award winning

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    1. Oh yes, a big Oscar winner. Did you enjoy Parasite? I loved it. If I had read more about it before going to see it I would probably not have bothered, but I thought it was brilliant. And I although I don’t understand much Korean I loved hearing the language. His previous film, Okja, gets good reviews too so I must give it a go.

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      1. Same here – I might have skipped the movie if I read about it – but my son insisted we give it a watch – and was pleasantly surprised – the social classes and culture bits were a top takeaway – and then the haunting idea of buying a used home that possibly has the hidden basement areas – takeaway – always buy a new build – jk


  2. This is a brilliant book, which I read just after our trip to South Korea. It gave me a much better understanding of the complex relationship that exists between Korea and Japan, and it’s an excellent read too.

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