A mere interlude

A mere interlude and Moomins in love

A short story about love (deceit, trust, acceptance, forgiveness, …) with a spot of disguised travel to Torquay (Tor-upon-Sea), Penzance (Pen-zephyr) and the Scilly Isles (Isles of Lyonesse). Enjoy!



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 28 April 2020

Posted as part of #acoffeeandabook series

11 thoughts on “A mere interlude

    1. They might seem them at National Trust but I didn’t get it there. They sell them in a local shop that gives profit to charity. In fact, its name is Bronte, so you should feel close to home with it 🙂

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  1. I really admire your book displays but since I’ve gone over to the dark side (i.e. e-books) I cannot even get close to picturesque readings. I’ve only recently succumbed to audible (I listen to a lot of audiobooks but have finally exhausted our library’s offer, and also was craving English rather than indifferently translated books) and am now enjoying the function that one can switch between audio and (e-book) print.

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    1. I use a bit of the dark side but really don’t enjoy it as much. But that do have their uses. When reading in a foreign language I prefer it as e-book so that I can just tap a word for translation if I’m stuck. I’ve only used audible once – do you have to buy both book and audible to be able to switch between the 2?

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      1. It depends. Sometimes the book is free, sometimes it can be had at a reduced price. I’m presently listening to Richard Armitage (*swoon” – this voice!) reading “David Copperfield” (the book was free) and I enjoy reading some passages slowly and savouring the language of Mr Dickens.


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