14 thoughts on “Librarian at home

    1. Absolutely. And I’m pleased to see that my daughter has caught the book addiction too. I read so may book to her when she was young. She never slept so used to read to her until I fell asleep! And then I converted her to books on cassettes (remember them?). Then growing up and teenage years took over, but now she is reading loads. A big help during lockdown. 🙂


      1. Both mine are readers too, though technology and gaming moved in big time when James was a lad, but he’s back to them now. 🙂 🙂 Pop-up story books were my favourite. Wish I still had some!

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      1. Good! I’ve given up Cup of Coffee, as I felt I had exhausted it, but I may do more…. I’m doing What I Saw as another series, dunno how long it’ll go

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        1. Yes, I’ve been noticing a lot of What You Saws 🙂 Hard to keep the Cups of Coffee going for too long but it’s a safe return to, I reckon. I’ve still got a few ideas but it has become harder to get enthusiastic.

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