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    • Yes, I had heard it was pretty bad there. I don’t watch or listen to all of the updates as it gets depressing, from lack of leadership at many levels to the stupidity and selfishness of too many people 😦 I’m glad it’s better in Virginia.


  1. So sad. As far as I know, coffee shops are open here, but social distancing is asked for and masks when possible (for takeout). Arizona is having a huge spike right now, probably due to many not initially wearing masks.

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    • Probably.
      My local Caffe Nero has been operating for a few weeks, very carefully and takeaway only. But nothing much open in central London, at least before the official shop opening day. I think they only opened where they felt there was sufficient demand from local residents. And I think we must consume a lot of caffeine in St Albans. Mind you, I must note, that the takeaway pub opened before Caffe Nero!

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    • Goodness knows what is going to happen here . Half the country being ultra cautious, about a quarter cautious and the rest well . . . . .


      • Sums it up pretty well! I’m crossing everything because there’ve been a few incidents here. Lisbon is back on a caution. The ladies from there who have the house next door arrived yesterday, looking very frazzled. Cabanas is their favourite beach but there’s been an outbreak there too. ‘Calme!’ 🙂


        • I wonder if it is Portugal’s links with Brazil. You’ve all been so careful. Do hope they get control of it again so you can stay out of lockdown xx


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