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Many Happy Returns to the NHS


Today marks 72 years since the NHS and the UK social care system was established. During its most challenging year ever, many people are recognising their tremendous service in a variety of ways, from donations, to lighting candles, to singing, and also with art. Here are just a few pieces of street art I spotted in London.

Mural by Graffiti Life, Shoreditch, June 2020

Mural by Jimmy C, Shoreditch, June 2020


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 5 July 2020

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  1. Great tribute to the NHS Debbie! Don’t know what in history will be most known of this year: the toilet paper or the masks! That mural speaks! Many thanks for sharing your poignant post of this month:) Have a summer weather week, Jesh

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  2. I love the murals but in Germany we have the same problems: care givers, nursing staff, health staff are woefully underpaid and burdened with bad working conditions on top. I hope that the appreciation of their vital function in our society is not forgotten,

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  3. A good post on the morning on which we read that the government that prmised “anything the NHS needs and wants” has refused them the £10 billion they need to get straight and be prepared for the coming winter. So it’s back to normal then.

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