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Cutting the corner at No. 1

No 1 London Bridge viewed from the London Bridge, London, September 2018

Pink granite and stainless steel were used for this pair of buildings at the south east corner of London Bridge. Completed in 1986, this office space is split between one 13 storey and one 10 storey building, linked by a slope-roofed glass atrium.

It is not one of my favourite buildings in London; it’s one of those where I prefer the views from, over the views of. But I appreciate that is does not distract from the neighbouring art deco Olaf’s House and Victorian Chamberlain’s Wharf (both now occupied by London Bridge Hospital).

I do love its truncated corner, however.

The riverside footpath is linked here to the road level above by steps that cut through the open space that would have been the corner of this building. The resulting wide frontage, aided by its shiny surfaces and the skylight above, produces reflective patterns of seemingly never-ending lines and angles.

The flattened corner of No. 1 London Bridge, London, August 2020



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 1 September 2020

Posted as part of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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