17 thoughts on “Yellow cubes in Rotterdam

  1. I saw this only after I saw 6WS (now I understand that title). You say everything is at angle inside. Exactly what I’ve been wondering. I can intellectually appreciate a innovative design but too often I’ve seen designs (for the looks) override the needs of the people living inside. A simple example: the compound we lived in Saudi decided to go colourful and the houses were painted (outside) in a warm dark red, ochre, and puke green. We ended up in a puke green house and people used to comment on how horrible it was. But my response was practical: When I looked outside I saw the red and yellow of my neighbours, they had to look on our puke!


    1. Very unusual. The intention had been to build many more across Netherlands but it didn’t happen. And coming your side of the waters, there are three similar ones in Toronto, apparently. And they didn’t multiply either!


    1. They really do! They are cubes standing on their corners. The idea was to make it look like a forest apparently, and from some angles yo can see that idea. But these are odd places to live. I’ve been inside one and needless to say, everything is at an angle!


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