Kinda here, there ‘n’ everywhere

I reckon this will be the perfect description of my October squares – here, there and everywhere.

Signs and reflections outside Shibuya Station, Tokyo, May 2018

And I had to give some music to go with this:



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 2 October 2020

Posted as part of KindaSquare

21 thoughts on “Kinda here, there ‘n’ everywhere

        1. Glad you enjoyed it, Brian. I had hoped to give the song with a Japanese angle, but the only one I found was a Christmas version by a Japanese choir and I decided not to inflict!

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        2. Yes, billboards and some real reflections in the middle. Even I find it hard to work out and I saw it with my own eyes.
          My photos make me itch to get back there. The street photographer who led some of the workshop I was on out there has just released an enticing book too, so double incentive to do more
          And yes, hopefully he will – I always think of his posts when I add music

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        3. Hopefully it won’t be long before you can return. It’s a country I have never been to, but have always wanted to visit


      1. You’re in very good company today I don’t seem to be focusing on anything, currently juggling making soup, with doing household admin, with recruiting trustees and as you can see also with blogging. I blame the weather!


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