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Kinda town

London, September 2018

Madrid, March 2019

Valencia, July 2019

New York City, February 2017

And even though Chicago isn’t in this collection of city shots (because I still haven’t been there), I had to share My Kind of Town:

I couldn’t do Chicago, but I had to add a view of Las Vegas to go with the Sinatra location:

Las Vegas, February 2015



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 30 October 2020

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  1. All of these are great but I especially love the one of Madrid with the Spanish flag in the foreground. Did you stay in a hotel on that plaza? In 2010 I stayed at the NH hotel just to the left of where your photo was taken.


  2. Your cities are lovely but the icing on the cake was the Sinatra from Vegas. I’d never seen that particular You Tube version so you’ve made my day – and it’s not 10.00 am yet!

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  3. so many cities, fabulous shots giving a feel of each and every city 😀

    I liked Chicago, MrB found it all a bit too big though. Not his kind of town!!


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