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  1. That’s quite something, Debbie. I was going to say “See you tonight”, but since you’ve changed time (and Arizona doesn’t even next weekend when the rest of the US does), I think you now post at 10 pm our time, which means I’m generally in bed reading. 😦 So I’ll see you Saturday morning.


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    • Yes we’ve gone back an hour and a now have a very short afternoon! Are you reading anything good at the moment. I’ve gone Chinese (in English!) and learning about some amazing Chinese women in the time of Sun Yat Sen. And next in my schedule is relaxation with the second Joanna Brady. 😀


      • I’m glad you like Joanna Brady. There’s a new one coming out in February of next year and I have my name down for it, the e-book copy. I just re-read an Inspector Wexford (Ruth Rendell) book and may try to start at the beginning of the series again. Haven’t read them for ages. I like Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp series that was taken over by Kyle Mills when Flynn died and just read the latest, “Total Power”, a terrifying scenario of what would happen if the power grid were taken down. Rosemary Sutcliff’s “The Sword at Sunset” is out as an e-book (I have a book copy), so I re-read that for the ??th time. I love her work and this is an Aruthurian tale as it might have actually been. “Confessions on the 7:45” by Lisa Unger had a LOT of twists and turns. The new Vera is out (here) too, “The Darkest Evening”, although it’s probably been out there for some time. Have you read J. D. Robb’s Death series? Futuristic police procedural with romance and some weird and evil bad people. “The Huntress”, Kate Quinn was very good: Nazis and Nazi hunters, and some fascinating Soviet history.” “The Splendid and the File”, non-fiction by Erik Larson about Churchill during the Blitz. That’s a bit of what I’ve been reading. 🙂


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