Mottled flecks of calming blur

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with a bit of camera movement this year. In photography we are normally taught to hold still, be focused and make everything sharp and clear. But add ing some intentional movement opens up many opportunities – the speed and direction of that movement, and the amount of time spent moving can create very different results. You can be playful and light-hearted or as dark, threatening and mysterious as you want.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks with watery reflection

A hazy panorama at Verulam Lake

What do you spot in the woods today?


Copyright Debbie Smyth,  4 December 2020

Posted as part of Lens-Artists

15 thoughts on “Mottled flecks of calming blur

  1. Very creative Debbie, I too often enjoy intentional movement. It’s interesting to sometimes see what turns up. I once ended up with the most ghostly pinecone! It’s still among my favorite images. Loved your birds on the water.


  2. I really like the first one, Debbie. Every time you show there, I think “Oh, I have to try that” and then of course I forget until the next time. 🙂 This is how I feel at some point every day while working on the puzzle we have going at the moment. I sit down and look for pieces and sometimes I feel that nothing makes sense. 🙂 It’s 1,000 pieces and we’re going to get our money’s worth out of it!! I picked up three while in southern California for $12.99 each. The cost per hour might be negative soon. Ha!


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    1. Ha ha! I’m going to make some challenging ones from my photos but they are very popular at the moment (presents and lockdown combined) so none of the good manufacturers can do it at until the new year. But I bought a really challenging one from a photographer friend. I haven’t started yet but I know it will be difficult. Good luck with yours Janet


      1. I really enjoy puzzles but gave away or donated most of mine before we moved as they take up a lot of room. Of course then Covid came and I wished I still had them. But these three are going to give us many days of pleasure a/o frustration, so they’re a blessings and a bargain. Enjoy yours as well.

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