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Minimal dimensions

We often talk about simplicity and minimalism, and the use of negative space, to create an impressive image. Often what we want, in fact, is to go 2D rather than 3D; to concentrate on the basic shape, not the detail and the depth. Silhouettes can add great drama, and minimalism of colours adds to that feel.

Here is a small selection of images to test out that theory on you. All are monochrome: black and white with just a hint of colour.

Oman, December 2018


Copyright Debbie Smyth, 8 December 2020

Posted as part of Jude’s 2020 Photo Challenge

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      • I’ll end an S then: You bastards. It’s probably their family name. I have a few camel stories (having lived in Saudi, nobody is surprised). Hashers (our running horde) traditionally mark their trails with flower (it’s a small waste of food – but environmentally friendly, non-poisonous, and can be bought anywhere). It happened more than once that we got lost. Because those bastards ate our flour!


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