15 thoughts on “Hands-free

  1. 🙂 Reminds me of seeing one shoe lying in the street or elsewhere and wondering what the heck!! How didn’t someone notice that they lost a shoe? A glove would be much easier to lose, although I’m sure the lost shoe wasn’t on someone’s foot when lost.


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  2. A good few years ago I started adding an image at the end of my blog of the gloves I found on my daily walks. What caught my interest was that 1. I never found a pair of gloves. 2. Adult gloves were always LEFT handed. 3. Children’s Gloves were always RIGHT handed. Over that winter (if they had been pairs) I could have opened a glove shop. The left right/single glove phenomena I mentioned to friends that I regularly met. They laughed at first at my apparent obsession but it must have inspired them as they kept on reporting back…. and the left right bias want my imagination. I think folk on my territorial walks have given up on gloves as I haven’t seen one for several years 🙂

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