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The Tower of Elsyng Spital

Remains of the Tower of St Elsyng Spital, London, March 2021

Elsyng Spital was a hospital founded by William Elsyng in 1331, on land opened by him on the site of the former Priory Church of the nunnery of St Mary-within-Cripplegate. It was built to provide care for up to 100 ill and disabled people, with priority to be given to blind or paralysed priests.

The hospital closed in 1536, with the Dissolution of the Monasteries, but was taken over by another local church, St Alphege. Little now remains, but recent development (2018-19) of the area has now given us the attractive gardens of St Alphege and a renovated tower, replacing parts that had been removed during the earlier construction of the Barbican complex.

For a more detailed history of the hospital, head over here.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 14 May 2021

Posted as part of Weekend B&W

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  1. How beautifully whimsical, Debs! A little restaurant would be an ideal place to linger. I like this space a lot! In colour one day, maybe? 🙂 🙂


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