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Fun read this week

Amy Davies, Features Editor at Amateur Photographer, contacted me to chat about my image of the cubic houses in Rotterdam. It was great talking to her and I am delighted to appear in the current edition of this popular magazine.

So do be sure to get a copy of Amateur Photographer this week, or read it online (I use Readly for my varied magazine enjoyment). Apart from my appearance, there’s an excellent pullout section on architecture photographer – great reading.

Article in Amateur Photographer, June 2021

I had heard locals speaking about these intriguing cubic houses in Rotterdam over 30 years ago but never had a chance to take a look. The views I was hearing then were mixed -admiration, confusion, amusement, disappointment – and these wonky structures stayed on my to visit list until last year.

I finally got to explore them inside and out when I popped over to Rotterdam for a weekend break, and was delighted to capture this shot that demonstrates their unusual shape and angle. The angular buildings gave me reflections to play with, and views through some of the windows added a touch of extra intrigue. I still enjoy looking at this image and it leaves me with huge admiration for the architect, and also for the residents who manage to furnish rooms where the walls tilt at 45 degrees.



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 3 June 2021

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    • Thanks Linda
      There are quite a few and this is still a very popular one. It appears weekly.
      I’m sure many now rely on the online versions rather than the paper ones, mind you.


  1. Congratulations! You deserved it.
    I actually have seen these Cubic Houses in Rotterdam, I think they were impressive.Great concept and I think they are also available to rent out just in case one is interested to experience to live in it.

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