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What are the odds of having a winning month of squares?

Becky’s treating us to another month of squares this February – and all you need to join this fun challenge is to be square and a trifle odd.
And the odds are great – a winning challenge, for sure.

Worcester Races, 2021

Giro di Sicilia, Ragusa, Sicily, September 2021

Worcester Races, 2021



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 1 February 2022

Posted as part of Becky’s SquareOdds

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    • Glad I was able to step in 🙂
      I’ve always got a few horse ones. And the bike race was pure luck – when I saw the flags and crowds on the streets I thought it was a political march, and then along came the cyclists! Here’s to a great month of squares.

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      • So delighted you got us off our marks. I am currently collapsed on the sofa after a day of sorting new apartments for granddaughter and her parents, an unwell husband and an additional three guests!! This was meant to be a quiet month for me

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        • Things never go smoothly. I hope all is calmer once they are settled in.
          I’m currently in exile. Rachel came down with COVID so I’m hiding in Edinburgh, waiting for her to get a negative test. I’ve been fine and had negative tests, and she hasn’t been very ill, but it is dragging on.


        • oh no Debbie, what a nuisance. So glad she has not been very ill. Our youngest said the same though about time dragging whilst isolating when you are feeling okay, and even worst for you. At least you are in Edinburgh, you could have been stuck somewhere else!!


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