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Coming to Berlin’s BBA Gallery

One of my images has been long listed for the One Shot Award and will be part of the group exhibition in Berlin from 3-18 February.

I’ll be out there for a few days as it’s a city I always enjoy visiting, and I’ll be at the opening reception on the evening of Friday 3rd. For any of you that are in Berlin, you’ll be very welcome to join us there.

BBA Gallery, Köpenicker Str.96, 10179 Berlin



Copyright Debbie Smyth, 26 January 2023

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      • So not fair. Have you posted the staircase before or keeping it for special occasions 😁
        I would so delighted to get that far. Do you know how many you were up against? From all over the world? Nosy aren’t I? 🤗

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        • I scrolled down slowly to see if I could pick your photo. I picked it straight away. I would have had yours over some of the ten.
          Thanks for the link so I could see all of the works.
          Was there an entry fee. Five hundred Euros is a good prize plus what ever may come from being the winner 🙂


        • It was €18 and you could only enter one photo, which is unusual. Per image this is quite high, but there are plenty that cost more.
          Very few are free. But some are free to enter and then you pay a fee for printing and hanging in an exhibition.Although I’ve had a few shortlisted and exhibited, I’ve yet to win any money!!

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        • That’s amount isn’t too bad I guess. You are used to the shortlist system but it’s great to have some exhibited. Have you sold any from competitions or exhibition hangings?


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