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Tapas in Glasgow

On a day trip to Glasgow this weekend, I found a tempting tapas restaurant in the attractive Princes Square.  I am a huge fan of Spanish tapas, and have my favourites in Spain.  I am frequently tempted to try it at home in the UK and elsewhere on my travels, but sadly I am often disappointed.

It was a cold and wet day in Glasgow (so what’s new?) so I had moved inside Princes Square, a pleasant shopping centre with lots of warm wood tones and bright shop fronts.  There are several eateries up on the second floor and I was attracted to Barça because I needed a reminder of sunny Spain, plus it had tables on the balcony.  I wasn’t very hungry but tapas makes a perfect a snack.


I grabbed a table right on the edge of the balcony so I could people watch and ordered a pleasant glass of cava.


The service was efficient and friendly, but my waitress had to reel off a long list of dishes that were no longer available, including my favourite, padron peppers.  Very disappointing as it was only about 2 p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, and I noticed that the list got longer for each new arrival. Undeterred, however, I ordered patatas bravas and eggs with chorizo, plus a glass of white rioja.  Unfortunately there was very little choice of wine by the glass; they had one of my favourite Spanish whites on the menu (Martin Codax Albarino) but sadly only by the bottle.

After not too long a wait the food arrived.  The patatas bravas looked pretty good, if slightly overcooked.  The sauteed eggs with chorizo were worryingly grey in colour.  But I have learned not to set my expectations to high for tapas outside Spain so I tucked in regardless.  The potatoes were too soft but the sauces were good.  The eggs and chorizo tasted good despite their odd colour.  All in all, a pretty good lunch at a reasonable price.




Barça Tapas Restaurant and Cava Bar
2nd Floor, Princes Square, 48 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 3JN
Tel:  0141 248 6555

Posted as part of the WordPress photo challenge: lunchtime.

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  1. I love Glasgow because it often looks so….dull and seedy; but behind the grey facades are efforts and examples of class and culture. Such a unique mix of a city!


  2. If you asked people in Britain to name a Spanish city the first named is likely to be Barcelona. So it’s a popular restaurant name here. And even though I know perfectly well that tapas doesn’t come from Barcelona I always head to a tapas place once or twice in a stay.


  3. Barça and tapas in the same sentence… I worked for a while in a hostel here in Barcelona and the most difficult part of the job (besides dealing with drunk and/or horny teenagers) was explain to them that Barcelona doesn’t really have tapas, bulls, paella or flamenco. Yeah, there are some tapas places but most of them are for “guiris” and usually really expensive and not that good.


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