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Easter Egg Hunt

I love chocolate but I’m not a huge fan of chocolate Easter Eggs: they aren’t usually great chocolate.

Then I found these beautiful eggs on display in Glasgow.  They are part of the Big Egg Hunt, a public art exhibition on a large scale. They are my kind of eggs.   With the support of Lindt, funds raised will go to Action for Children,

101 large eggs have been touring the country since 12 February.  I caught them in Glasgow and they are now back in London, at Covent Garden, until Easter. There are some great designs, including some favourite characters from children’s literature and television.



Well worth a visit, whether you have young children or not, so head to Covent Garden this coming weekend.  To find out more, click here.


Posted as part of Sunday Stills’ The Next Challenge: Easter.

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  1. WOW! These are all reall lovey. Reminds me of the “Cow Parade” we had in Houston, Tx years ago. 🙂 Happy Easter.


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