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Tarragonan Trompe l’Oeil

At first glance, you may notice nothing strange about these doors and windows in La Plaça dels Sedassos in Tarragona:

aDSC00735 aDSC00736 aDSC00733c2 aDSC00733c

In fact, they are all painted on a flat wall, with the perspectives artificially created by the artist.

aDSC00737 aDSC00733

I always enjoy the use of trompe l’oeil, such as this, to brighten up a wall.  It adds fun and interest and always provokes conversation.

This particular work was painted in 1995 by the artist Carles Arola (not a self-effacing man, obviously, as his name is painted large on the blue door).  Arola was born in Barcelona in 1961 and studied art at the university there.  He specialises in murals and trompe l’oeils, including murals in a number of local churches.  A list of his work can be found here.

I particularly like this work because of its incorporation of items from local culture.  It is clearly intended to be a Tarragonan facade from the nineteenth century.  Catalan culture is evident in the depiction of typical balconies, the Catalan flag and the dwarfs on the lower balcony.

Posted as part of Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post challenge: Perspective.

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