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Wright Angles


Frank Lloyd Wright was a romantic with an emotional reaction to architecture and the environment, explaining that “when organic architecture is properly carried out no landscape is ever outraged by it but is always developed by it”.  His desire to blend in with and ameliorate the environment, can be seen in his use of colour, and in his use of angles.  Not all of his walls are perpendicular, nor his doors and windows rectangular, rather the angles tend to mimic the surrounding area.

Below are some examples from Taliesin West.





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  1. Ooh! This Wright place looks amazing! We visited Falling Waters (Pittsburgh area) and were completely impressed by the blending of architecture and nature. Taliesin West looks like no exception!


    • I’s love to see falling Waters too. Taliesin West was so good I’d go again – there are lots of different tours to do and the guide was excellent.


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