H is for… Harry Potter, take 2 (the Horse not the Wizard)

Harry Potter is one of the many horses and donkeys that now live happily at Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

harry the dark bay Shetland pony
Harry Potter. Photo: Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Redwings is the largest horse sanctuary in the UK, currently providing permanent sanctuary to over 12oo horses, ponies, donkeys and mules across their five locations.

To help raise funds and awareness, and to provide infomation and training, four of their centres are open to the public.  The Ada Cole Rescue Centre in Essex makes a pleasant day trip out of London.


I popped over there with my daughter just a couple of weeks ago.  Unfortunately for us, the cute and cheeky Harry Potter, probably their most famous resident, was away on holiday at one of their other centres, but  plenty of other happy animals were there to greet us.

This is Zippy:
Zippy at Ada Cole Rescue Centre
Zippy celebrated his birthday on 18th August but we didn’t manage to get back there to join in the party.

This is Del Boy, a very cheeky looking donkey indeed:
Del Boy at Ada Cole Rescue Centre

This is Misfit, a strong-willed and very hansdsome Shetland pony:
Misfit at Ada Cole Rescue Centre

Entrance is free, though all donations are welcomed. For a fun way of donating, you can adopt one of the animals.  My daughter used to sponsor Harry Potter, but on this visit we chose 2 new adoptees; she is now sponsoring Misfit, and I adopted Del Boy.

If you can’t visit, but want to get involved you can adopt online.

If you want to visit, the locations are:

Ada Cole Rescue Centre, Broadley Common, near Nazeing, Essex, EN9 2DH

Caldecott Visitor Centre, Caldecott Hall, near Great Yarmouth, NR31 9EY

Aylsham Visitor Centre, Spa Lane, Aylsham, Norfolk, NR11 6UE.

Oxhill Visitor Centre, just outside Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire CV35 0RP.

Hapton Headquarters, Hapton, Norfolk (normally open only 2 weekends per year)

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12 thoughts on “H is for… Harry Potter, take 2 (the Horse not the Wizard)

  1. A great idea. Where I used to live not far from Amersfoort in the province of Utrecht there was also a kind of resort for old horses to enjoy the last years of their lives. My children loved to see them whenever they went with us to see my mum.
    Good choice.
    Wil, ABCW Team


  2. How awesome! I love the perspective in your photos! If I ever get back that way, I’ll have to go take a look around.

    abcw team


  3. Misfit looks as though its two ponies joined together, both funny and cute. Thank goodness there are organisations like this to look after these beautiful animals.
    Joy – ABC Team


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