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Reflection, Gormley Style


Pair of Gormley figures, Regents Place, London

Anthony Gormley, a British born and educated artist, is known primarily for his sculptures of the human body.  These 2 are placed either side of plate glass windows at Regents Place, on the Euston Road in London.  The clever placing of the two men, leads the viewer to assess the symmetry of the two, even wondering at times if one is a mere reflection of the other.

aDSC04190 aDSC04189 aDSC04192

Gormley is probably best know for his 2007 Event Horizon, which comprised 31 life-size and anatomically-correct casts of his own body, four in cast iron and 27 in fiberglass, installed on top of prominent buildings along London’s South Bank, and then installed in locations around New York City’s Madison Square in 2010.

Manhattan, 2010

Manhattan, 2010

Other well-known Gormley installations include the Marmite-like Angel of the North statue in Gateshead and One & Other, a living art Fourth Plinth commission, which invited members of the public to spend one hour on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square in London.

Linked to the Daily Prompt: Symmetry and Weekend Reflections.

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  1. Such a strange sculpture… Thanks for sharing several pictures of it : it not easy to get it with only one…


        • These little guys were so basic, that it’s easier to just copy them than to go through the bother of stealing 😉
          I should try and make one. And sell it on ebay for a fortune!


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