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Mad Hatter!

No-one in London could ever claim they were bored.

There is an endless list of museums, galleries, parks, shops and gardens to visit.  If you feel like getting a bit more involved, there are umpteen classes and workshops. Many of the universities and colleges offer short courses, day or evening, and single day workshops. If there’s a skill or craft you fancy trying out just google it, you’re bound to find something suitable.

A while back, my weekend wandering took me past the windows of VV Rouleaux in Marylebone. The colourful displays of ribbons and hats enticed me in and, on a whim, I signed up to a class to make a small hat or fascinator. I thoroughly enjoyed it and went back a few months later to learn about knots and tassels (to make curtain tie backs, before you get any strange ideas!)


The first course whet my appetite for hat-making and a quick online search found a source of interesting sounding workshops in Central London: Atelier, a small hat shop and workshop in Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street.


So last weekend I spent my Sunday making a 1920s style felt hat. £95 got me all the tools and materials I needed and I came away with a great looking hat. I don’t think I really expected to make a wearable hat, but I did!

It’s quite hard work, you need to use brute force to stretch the wool felt into its hat shape at the beginning of the process. It also helps to have asbestos fingers as a fair bit of steam is involved.


After that, it gets more creative, as you design the brim shape and size, and select and fit a ribbon trim and inside hat band.


Now I’m looking forward to a cold spell so I have an excuse to wear it!

And I will most certainly return to do the intermediate course.

Atelier Millinery, 2.16 Second Floor, Kingly Court
London, W1B 5PW

Here is just a small selection of other crafty courses in and around London:
Knitting, quilting, sewing and more at Fabrication in East London;
Embroidery, fashion design, painting and much more at Central Saint Martins;
Upholstery, lingerie, perfume and more at Homemade London;
Quilting, stained glass and jewellery at Crafts Bee.

Linked to Thursday’s Special.

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  1. My cousin worked as a milliner and it became a dying trade for a few decades. Interesting how it’s had such a resurgence in recent years. Sounds like you had fun,


  2. You’ve made a hat 😀 This is so cool Debbie. I am totally a hat person or a mad hatter if you wish. I love your post 🙂 Sorry again for late response (I’ve been away) 🙂 Cheers, girl!


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