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Enthusiastic Learning

A visit to a local school features on many a trip to Africa.  Instinct tells me to steer away from these trips, fearing villages geared only to tourist visits and kids forced to smile and act as guides.

I have to admit, however, that I have visited a few impressive houses of learning this way, where the happiness to receive guests seems genuine, the pride is palpable and the enthusiasm to learn is undeniable.

Sindi Village School, Zambia:

Chris Hani School, Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town:

Oloolaimutia Primary School, Rift Valley, Kenya:

I try to go armed with useful school supplies, but the gift the children most enjoy as being photographed and seeing their digital image on camera!


Linked to Daily Prompt: Education.

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  1. Children beam everywhere, no matter how poor they are. When I lived in Mali, where the people had so very little, the wide warm smiles of the children were heartwarming and heartbreaking. Ditto in Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico …


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