Saturday Night in Madrid

Saturday night heaven? – for me it’s a few drinks, good friends and some tasty food.

For characterful bars, tasty tapas and wine aplenty, you can’t beat Madrid.


El Abuelo is just on of Madrid’s many traditional bars.  It is very firmly planted on the tourist trail, but don’t let that put you off; the wine is good and the prawns are to die for.

Find yourself a spot at one of the high tables, make your choice and enjoy!


Just one word of warning – the prawns are cooked fresh so you might need asbestos fingers to do the peeling.  It really is worth the effort though.


La Casa del Abuelo has been in Madrid since 1906 and was originally known more for its wine: its house speciality is a sweet red wine from the Alicante area. In fact, the bar was originally known as La Alicantina.


You certainly won’t have the place to yourself – on a good day, they cook more than 200kg of prawns.


The decor is traditional, with dark woods, tall marble-topped tables and beautiful wall tiles, old photographs fill the walls and wine bottles are stacked everywhere.


Be sure to visit at least one of their locations during your visit to Madrid:
C/Victoria 12
C/ Núñez de Arce 5
C/Goya 57

Linked to Daily Prompt: Saturday Night and Travel Tuesday.


20 thoughts on “Saturday Night in Madrid

  1. I’ve been living in Madrid for over a year and haven’t noticed this place while walking around yet. Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll try to check it out soon! Lovely finding you through the Travel Tuesday linkup! xx


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