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Around Trafalgar Square


Trafalgar Square Fountain, and Fourth Plinth

When Trafalgar Square was designed in the 1840s, two fountains were included, apparently to reduce the amount of open space available for riotous assembly!

The original fountains were replaced in the late 1930s at a cost of almost £50,000, this time to a design by Sir Edwin Lutyens.   The old fountains are now in Ottawa and Regina in Canada. 


The new fountains were restored in 2009 and now have eco-friendly, multi-coloured lighting. 

The fountains are very much a part of the life of the square, admired for their beauty as well as for the refreshment provided by an illicit dip in the waters on a hot summer’s day.


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    • I rather like this one – it is mad enough and bright enough to make me smile. I love the blue colour. The one before this was a golden rocking gorse which I thought was odd. The next two have been announced now: one is a skeletal horse, not sure I like the sound of that, and the other is a giant thumbs-up hand – I reserve judgment. In general, though, I think it’s a great idea – keeps things fresh and keeps people interested

      On Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 11:15 PM, Travel with Intent wrote:



      • Yes the Blue Cock makes me smile too! I love the irony of a French symbol standing proud in Trafalgar square of all places 😉 I’m actually quite excited about the skeletal horse. The contrast with all the warhorse sculptures of London intrigues me! It seems quite fitting as an anatomical study in front of the National Gallery with all the Stubbs paintings. Not at all sure about the thumbs up though. I love the concept of the peoples plinth but I wish they were looking at a wider selection of British artists!


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