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Spring in Saughton Park

aDSC03966c Saughton Park is on the airport side of the city of Edinburgh, easily accessible by bus or on foot if you’re walking the Water of Leith.  It has over seven acres of flower gardens, with topiary hedges, a highly regarded rose garden and a sensory garden. The Park was developed in the 1900s in what was then the very edge of town.  Over the years it has served many uses, some garden related, others not. In its early days there was a golf course here, and to this day the park has a number of sports pitches.  In the 1970s, Hearts FC trained here and in the 1980s athletes trained here in preparation for the  1986 Commonwealth Games. When it was first developed, the park’s gardens provided plants for the other Edinburgh Parks, and during the Second World War the park was planted with onions for the Edinburgh hospitals.  In 1908 it hosted the Scottish National Exhibition and the current Winter Garden is the successor of the popular Winter Garden from that Exhibition. aDSC03967 There’s nothing wintry about the gardens at the moment, though; the spring flowers are in full bloom, greeting their many visitors with a riot of colour and texture.

Finally, Spring wouldn’t be Spring without some cherry blossom.


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  1. Magnificent displays. Thank you for the information, I will have to make my daughter aware of it as she will be in Edinburgh later in the year on her way to holding some workshops.


  2. Fabulous photos of what looks like a truly glorious place! I’d love to visit, but your pictures at least give me a hint of the wonders of it all. 🙂


  3. I am so glad you joined us for Pink Saturday this weekend to share this gorgeous park. Everything is so very pretty, and your photos are fantastic!


  4. 7 acres!!! Oh, my!! I would have to take my camping gear along in order to see all of it!!!
    I love the spring flowers, especially after such a long winter as we have had!


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